Fest;tisztít Galériá  and  Silvia Karamfilova 
have the pleasure of inviting you to the private viewing 
of the exhibition of paintings
 “The City” 
17 November 2016  at 19:00 
18 November 2016  at 11:00 
1012 Budapest, Várfok Utca 8, Hungary
„To dwell means to leave traces.” - Benjamin Franklin, „The Arcades Project” 
Welcome to my cities… 
“The city is a landscape built of sheer life.” - Hugo von Hofmannsthal 
Тhe city is a place which facilitates the interaction, exchange, convergence or clash 
between various elements: thoughts, ideas, commodities, skills, persons, interests, 
fortunes, desires, sensibilities, ideologies, and even stupidities. 
It is with pleasure that I take the opportunity to invite you to see my cities! 
They do not represent an archeological attraction or a tourist guide. Each city is 
established by people and in the process of creating it they instill in it their very 
spirit. As David Kishik’s Benjamin Franklin points out in the book “The Manhattan 
Project”: “Buildings are veil drawn over life’s face”. I propose to you to try to lift that 
veil and go on to capture the spirit of the cities I have chosen to portray. They are 
located in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Far East. Most of them are 
symbolic and their stories transcend the threshold of their physical essence. 
We can start with the collective image of numerous cities which are located on the 
other side of the Big water (the Atlantic Ocean). This is a city built by people with 
the aim of creating predominantly material wealth, but having been turned into a 
ghost-city because of its inhabitants’ greed over the years. It is perhaps the only 
sad city in the exhibition, but it is not the only one in the world. The rest … are 
beaming ones, illuminated by LIGHT. Radiant, colorful and generally assembled in 
a clustered manner, their buildings are situated closely one next to the other. The 
ancients have declared that the human being is a social animal. Perhaps, this is 
why life has always assembled people together. Paradoxically, today people live a 
life full of alienation and individualism in these closely knit dwellings. 
Some cities die and may disappear forever, but others are reborn or revived. In the 
exhibition, you will see one such city (Palmyra) which did not fall defeated by 
violence and war. This year (2016), its amphitheater witnessed once again the 
magical music of the classical musicians. 
Somewhere in south-western Europe, one can still see old round cities proudly 
standing with their protective walls. Why did their inhabitants build them round? 
Perhaps because this is the same circular motion that life moves with… 
Correspondent to their beliefs, the people of the East have mastered the art of 
arranging Mandalas to depict the movement of life and the seasons. I offer to you 
my Mandala city. 
Meanwhile, the women of some African cultures still paint the walls of their homes 
to this day competing amongst each other as to who will create the most 
expressive symbols: capturing and communicating personal prayers, selfidentification, 
life values, emotions, and announcing marriages, amongst others. 
Have a look at my African houses too. 
Among the cities is the one standing at the crossing point between East and West 
(Istanbul). This city is everything …multinational, multi-confessional, rich and poor, 
sparkling, standing on the Bosphorus strait. 
There are more cities: a northern city (Amsterdam), the city of the traders of 
diamonds and slaves (Antwerp), the city of youth (Tbilisi), Kurdish towns and others. 
In closing, I believe we should not accept a city as it is, but rather as it should be in 
our dreams. Go on and find the key to the white city!... The key is golden and it 
opens the portals leading to the landscape of the sheer life of the city of our 
dreams. However, what I am proposing to you is not the utopian city of Tommaso 
Campanella. Rather, I am offering you to pursue our human aspiration towards 
BEAUTY. It is very important in the troubled times we are living in. 
My cities bring LIGHT and PEACE!